Jeff Seltzer is based in the Los Angeles area; he has a BA in Communication and an MA in Rhetorical Theory.

My photography reveals the effect of human occupation within the landscape of contemporary environments. My pictures are made to document a time and a place, static treatments of our everyday modern urban landscape. These anonymous, sometimes featureless structures and locations exclude people but at the same time show the effect of human occupation and interaction. I isolate my subjects, creating a head-on, cold and detached Kubrickian symmetry. My images allow viewers to see beauty in the everyday and show harmony in the ordinary and mundane that we take for granted.

2015: Rural Impressions and Urban Landscapes,  New York Center for Photographic Art, Jadite Gallery. 
2014: Life Framer Exhibition, London, United Kingdom
2014: Darkroom Gallery, Impromptu 
2012: Vermont Photography Workplace, "Your Best Shot"
2012: "Photography by Design" - Darkroom Gallery, VT
2012: "The Built Environment" - Darkroom Gallery, VT
2011: "I Love LA" - group exhibition, Duncan Miller Gallery, Los Angeles
2011: “Harmony” – solo exhibition at Drkrm/Gallery, Los Angles (Gallery Row)
2010: Vermont Photography Workplace, "Direct Objects: Still Life as Subject"
2010: The Elaine Fleck Gallery, Toronto, “Fine Art Photographers to Know”
2010: M Street Gallery, Los Angeles, Solo Show
2009: DRKRM Gallery, Los Angeles, “Last Picture Show, 2009”
2009: Richter Gallery of Photography, Artrageous
2009: The Elaine Fleck Gallery, Toronto, “The Best of 2009”
2008: Metro Cafe Gallery, Los Angeles; “Group Show”
2007: Millard Sheets Gallery, Los Angeles; “Contemporary Photography”
2006: Millard Sheets Gallery, Los Angeles, “New Photography Exhibit”

2013: Platform Magazine (UK), Issue #2 "Scapes"
2012: Communications Arts, Photography Annual 53
2012: Urbanautica (Translations #6)
2012: OfTheAfertnoon (Online)
2012: Fraction Magazine (4th Anniversary Issue)
2012: Photographie Magazine (Germany)
2012: F-Stop Magazine (selected images)
2011: Communication Arts, Photography Annual 52
2010: Best of Photography Annual, Photographer's Forum
2010: Wall Done Magazine (online)
2009: Colours Magazine
2009: Elaine Fleck’s Catalogue of Contemporary Fine Art
2008: F-Stop Magazine “Portfolio Issue”
2008: FILE Magazine “Untitled Series”
2007: FILE Magazine “Carnival Series”
2007: Best of Photography Annual, Photographer’s Forum
2006: Best of Photography Annual, Photographer’s Forum

Awards and Recognition (Recent):
Winner, New York Center for Photography "Same But Different"
Gold and Silver Honorable Mentions: Worldwide Photography Gala
Finalist, Photographer's Forum
Honorable Mention, 4th Annual Int’l Photography Masters Cup
Finalist, Wall Done Magazine
Hey, Hot Shot! Contender, Jen Bekman Project
Finalist, Photographer’s Forum
Honorable Mention, Photographer’s Forum

Notable Collections:
Credit Suisse, New York
Fine Arts Building, 6th Floor, Los Angeles
Terrania AG, Munich